We pledge to help you base your jewelry decisions on education, not impulse.


Our Reclaimed Collection is made exclusively with regenerated ribbon created from recycled silk scraps that are sewn end-to-end to form a beautiful and eco-friendly medium for us to design jewelry with! 

All jewelry from this collection is created from fashion sewing shop leftovers. Instead of letting it go to waste, we receive these scraps blank and ready to be dyed. Depending on the color some are low-impact and responsibly dyed, some are dyed all naturally with botanicals in our studio, some colors arrive already dyed so we don’t use anymore resources to change them and find a way to use them as is.  

We love this collection since it helps find a way to turn something undesired into something fun and colorful that can be collected and gifted to friends! 

  • Classic braid style 
  • 6.5” - 7” long 
  • 14k Gold dipped lobster clasp and hardware 
  • Regenerated Habotai Silk 
  • Hand Sewn Finished 
Keep in Mind: Every bracelet is slightly unique. Due to the nature of braiding, the pattern may differ but the colors will match.