We pledge to help you base your jewelry decisions on education, not impulse.


Our simple but sweet linen wrap bracelets are a perfect piece for layering on the wrist with other bracelets or letting it shine all on its own! A lovely gift for anyone or yourself. Each wrap bracelet is hand twisted with our eco-friendly and socially responsibly sourced Bamboo fiber that we small batch kettle dye naturally right here in our own studio on the farm.

Coralina wrap bracelet was small batch hand dyed. All our jewelry is hand dyed on our farm so we can ensure the fiber was dyed responsibly. Naturally dyed with Madder Root and Avocados. 

Adorned with an 18k gold dipped Teddy Taylor logo charm. 

Details: Always measures between 11" - 13" in length. Wrap bracelets are simple tie-on style so sizing is adjustable and allows for perfect fit. Many other wrap bracelet colors available on the site. 

Handmade on our flower farm in Upstate New York, USA 

Keep in mind: Every bracelet is slightly unique. Due to the nature of hand twisting and natural dyeing.