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Bear Making Method

How does Teddy Taylor make their bears?

Our bears are made by hand with each bear artisan making their assigned bear from start to finish. We’re not down with assembly style sewing here in the mountains. Each of our bear artisans has mastered every element of crafting a Teddy Taylor bear. However due to the art of hand craftsmanship, no two bears are ever exactly the same.

Unlike large stuffed bear companies that often outsource tedious parts of their making process, every step in our process in done right in our sewing studio. The bear never leaves our upstate New York flower farm until it’s ready to go to its new home.

Our supersoft fabric is cut and pinned with our in-house drafted pattern.

The bear gets machine stitched. One of our bear artisans even prefers to stitch her bears with a Singer-29 treadle machine from the 1800s!

Once sewn, they are trimmed of excess fabric and the beginning stitch and ending stitch are reinforced with a special technique called the saddle stitch. We feel this makes all the difference.

To achieve this, the bear is clamped and a two needle saddle stitch is done by hand. This is where each needle passes completely through both layers of fabric, unlike a machine where only one thread passes through the fabric. We believe a hand saddle stitch is the strongest possible way to finish the stitching on our bears. It takes a little extra time and effort but we feel it’s well worth it.

 The bear is stuffed with 100% recycled hypoallergenic filling.

The bear is now ready to get it’s friendly little face embroidered on. With shimmering gold thread we intricately hand embroider its eyes, nose and smile. And for special orders we embroider a heart or initials.

The bear is tested for fluffiness and inspected for flaws or holes. If we feel its meets our quality craftsmanship standards then it gets hand ladder stitched closed and given a Teddy Taylor satin tag and second tag with an identification number, which tells us which bear artisan made it and when and who it was sold to.

Now it’s ready to make friends!

This is just a general guide to the crafting process. Left off the list is a ton of tiny little tedious tasks that add up to a cuddly friend. Our bear artisans are just a small team of 5 but they take a lot of pride in their work. Many even insist they can tell who made which bear when they are in the line-up waiting to be packaged. All bears are made to order so we never have any waste of materials or effort.

Each hand crafted bear sold ensures a Teddy Taylor Giving Bear being crafted that gets donated to a child in need, which has and always will be the soul mission of Teddy Taylor. Thanks for your support.