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This tan gold has such depth its hard to capture in pictures. We hand dyed this color naturally with locally grown lavender buds and blueberry pulp reclaimed from pressed juice company fruit scraps! We had no idea what to expect when dyeing this batch but we love how it came out! It's created with carbon neutral eucalyptus fiber and for the first time ever we wire wrap secured this bracelet with 14k gold-filled wire! 

Each classic braid we create is hand dyed by us responsibly and hand crafted in our studio. They are braided, sewn, stainless steel crimped and hammered and whip stitch finished with vegetable glue so they last. 

Our classic braids are only made with the most eco-friendly fibers on earth. We currently use carbon neutral tencel, Organic linen and Renewable Bamboo. 

  • All Teddy Taylor bracelets are crafted with 18K Sunshine gold dipped clasps, links and findings. We personally handle the plating of all our metal components. They are plated in the USA and are 7X thicker the standard gold plate. We are extremely proud to offer this quality!
  • plant dyed eucalyptus fiber 
  • 18k gold plated brass clasp, rings and links. 
  • 18k gold plated hand stamped Teddy Taylor Tag 
  • 14K gold-filled wire End Crimps 
  • Made on our flower farm in Granville, NY 
  • Donates to our charity sewing studio.