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We trapped the haze of summer in silk for you! 

Creating these scrunchies has been a very rewarding process and they were a labor of love. We grew the Tango Cosmos from seed on our flower farm last summer. They captivated everyone, including our honey bees! Such a vibrant orange color! 

We harvested baskets and baskets of the flower heads and pounded every single petal into Habotai silk with a hammer. It was a five hour process just to print one full yard of silk fabric by hand. We let the fabric cure with the petals on the silk all fall in the studio to help lock in the color and then gently washed. 

I stared at the fabric for months deciding what I wanted to create with it. What could I do with such a small amount of fabric to share this summer treat with all of you?


Every scrunchy is hand sewn and ladder stitched closed. Instead of using new elastic for the inside, I found another maker who designs baby head bands who had lots of stretchy soft nylon waste for the bands. It's actually really nice if you don't like a super tight band inside of your scrunchie. 

Will it hold your hair super tight on it's own through workouts or sports? No. But it's super cute, colorful, luxuriously silky soft and looks amazing on the wrist with a stack of bracelets or over the top of a hair band on a top knot or braid.

We suggest hand washing with a gentle (all natural if possible) soap and air drying. 


  • Habotai Silk 
  • Recycled Nylon band inside 
  • Ladder stitched closed 
  • Medium Size Scrunchie